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Welcome into my Office!

I am Sherman D. Pernia, Ph.D., J.D., Patent Agent. You have now entered the cyber-space equivalent of a real-space Law Office.

You Have Come To The Right Place! - If you have a specific question regarding patenting an invention or innovative technology that you want to have answered in confidence, or if you are seeking professional assistance filing an application for a United States Patent or initiating a U.S. national stage filing of a PCT application.

Presently, the Virtual Patent Agent Office does not charge for an initial electronic consultation. To introduce this innovative practice of law on the Internet, your initial electronic consultation is FREE.
Upon receipt of an appropriate confidential question, I will provide you with an answer, or advise you that I cannot answer the question. However, you must advise me of the method by which you wish to receive your answer: E-mail, telephone, or surface mail. Otherwise, it is presumed that E-mail is an approved means of communicating with you.

Although no Attorney-Client relationship will be established, an expectation of confidentiality may exist limited in scope to the initial question you ask.

After aVisitor becomes a Client, he/she may be provided with:
(1) an assigned individual Client Key password; and
(2) a secured Electronic Client File Partition in my Virtual Office, accessible only by password.

You may want to read the Office Procedure Statement describing how the Virtual Patent Agent Office works. The Virtual Office's operation is designed to save time and money, and to facilitate a Client' s involvement in the patenting process.

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